How does insurance work when it’s not your fault?

In most cases, if you aren't at fault in a car accident, the other driver's state-mandated liability insurance coverage would pay for damage to your car, property and for medical bills for injuries, up to the limit of the policy. This is especially useful if your policy doesn't have adequate coverage.

Will my insurance go up if someone hits me Florida?

Per Florida Statutes §626.9541, your car insurance should not go up after an accident unless you were “substantially at fault.” The statute states that insurers cannot raise liability, personal injury protection, medical payments, or collision premiums “solely because the insured was involved in a motor vehicle …

What happens if someone hits your car in Florida?

Florida law requires a driver to call the police if there is more than $500 in apparent property damage in the accident. In today's reality, that's almost any accident. The other driver should have called the police.

How much does car insurance go up after an accident in Florida?

Car insurance rates are slightly higher after an at-fault accident with injuries compared to an accident with only property damage. In Florida, your rates could increase anywhere from 22% to 77% depending on your insurance company.

Will your car insurance go up if its not your fault?

That being said, your car insurance premiums usually won't increase if the accident was not your fault, in situations where your car broke down and you needed roadside assistance, or if your windscreen got damaged.

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