How much does it cost to take a wisdom tooth out?

The average cost of a wisdom tooth extraction is $700 in government hospitals and $1500 in private clinics and hospitals. Expect to pay $1200–$2000 in total for wisdom tooth surgery by an OMS.

Can I claim insurance for wisdom tooth surgery?

Wisdom tooth surgery, implant surgery, bone grafting, removal of cysts, and biopsies may be claimable under Medisave. The exact amount would depend on the type and complexity of the procedure.

Can I claim Medisave for wisdom tooth?

In summary, you are able to use Medisave to pay for dental surgical procedures such as Dental Implants, Wisdom Tooth Surgeries, and Gum Surgery. You can pay for your or your immediate family members' procedures with Medisave. With this in mind, your dentist will determine the amount claimable for your case.

Can I use Chas card for wisdom teeth?

When can I claim CHAS subsidy for my wisdom teeth extraction? CHAS subsidies cannot be used for surgery, but can be used for routine teeth extractions. If your wisdom teeth extraction requires surgery, then you will be able to utilise your Medisave to pay for it, but you will not be eligible for any CHAS subsidy.

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