Can wisdom tooth claim insurance?

Depending on the severity of the oral surgery needed to remove the wisdom tooth or teeth, you can possibly bill your medical insurance. However, billing depends on the dentist's insurance codes when filing the claim.

What dental procedures are covered by medical insurance?

Covered services may include non-urgent X-rays, exams, and cleanings in addition to fillings, crowns, and bridges. In limited circumstances, dental insurance may also provide coverage for braces or implants.

How much is it to extract a wisdom tooth?

The average cost of a wisdom tooth extraction is $700 in government hospitals and $1500 in private clinics and hospitals. Expect to pay $1200–$2000 in total for wisdom tooth surgery by an OMS.

Is wisdom teeth removal considered simple extraction?

If the teeth haven't erupted yet, an oral surgeon will need to make an incision along the gums to extract them. In general, this type of procedure would be an out-patient oral surgery. If the wisdom teeth have erupted, you may only need a simple extraction.

Can I claim Medisave for wisdom tooth?

Only wisdom tooth surgeries can be claimed under MediSave. The amount claimable depends on the complexity of the surgical procedure, such as whether tooth division is necessary, and the number of teeth being removed. Note: The amount claimable is stipulated by MOH.

What benefit does wisdom teeth have?

Properly erupted wisdom teeth provide support in the back of the mouth and help maintain bone in the jaw. This support is beneficial to the health of the temporo mandibular joint (TMJ). Wisdom tooth extraction is often done as a preventative measure, to avoid possible complications later.

How do I find out if my Medi Cal covers dental?

Medi-Cal offers comprehensive preventative and restorative dental benefits to both children and adults. You can find a Medi-Cal dentist on the ​ Medi-Cal Dental Provider Referral List, or by calling 1-800-322-6384.

What does California Medi cal cover for dental?

Medi-Cal dental coverage includes the following: Diagnostic and preventive dental hygiene (e.g., examinations, x-rays, and teeth cleanings) Emergency services for pain control. Tooth extractions.

What is considered a simple extraction?

A simple extraction is performed on a tooth that is above the gumline and can be seen in the mouth. These teeth can typically be removed easily by loosening the tooth with a lifter or elevator and pulled out with forceps. This is a quick process, and the healing time is usually pretty fast.

Is wisdom teeth removal a complex extraction?

However, most people do not have enough space in their jaw for their wisdom teeth to erupt without pain or discomfort. Wisdom teeth extractions are common, but it is a highly complex surgical procedure that must be performed by a qualified dental surgeon.

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