Is State Farm headquartered in Atlanta?

Its headquarters are in Bloomington, Illinois, and it has major offices in Dallas and Phoenix. State Farm consolidated office operations to those locations in 2017 as part of a strategy to streamline operations.

How do I contact the CEO of State Farm?

Michael Tipsord | State Farm Inc | Email, Chairman, President & CEO,

How much money does the CEO of State Farm make?

State Farm paid CEO Michael Tipsord more than $24 million in cash for 2021, a record-setting compensation level for the insurer and likely the largest cash haul of any chief executive in the U.S.

How do I contact the CEO of State Farm?

Michael Tipsord | State Farm Inc | Email, Chairman, President & CEO,

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What is Rand Harbert salary?

Randall Harbert, chief agency sales and marketing officer, was paid $8.2 million, up from $6.8 million and $3.5 million in 2020 and 2019, respectively.

How old is Mike tipsord?

Tipsord (born June 20, 1959) is the chairman of the board of State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, Illinois. Tipsord replaced Edward B. Rust Jr.

Is State Farm moving to Atlanta?

The work from these facilities will move to the company's headquarters in Bloomington, Ill., its offices in Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix, as well as a number of existing locations across the U.S. These changes will affect approximately 4,200 of the company's nearly 70,000 employees.

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What other companies does State Farm own?

  • State Farm Fire and Casualty Company.
  • State Farm Life Insurance Company.
  • State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (NY/CT/WI)
  • State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas (TX auto)

Who is the CEO of State Farm Insurance?

Michael Tipsord is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Michael began his State Farm career in 1988. After serving in a variety of leadership roles, he was named vice chairman and chief financial officer in 2004.

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How much does State Farm CEO make a year?

In 2020, Tipsord was paid a little over $20 million in cash. In the last two years State Farm has taken its executive compensation to new levels. In 2019, Tipsord's total compensation was about $10 million. “For the third year in a row State Farm experienced impressive growth,” the company said in a statement.

Does State Farm have good customer service?

We rate State Farm 9.2 out of 10.0 for its affordable average rates and good customer service record. State Farm also has an A++ financial strength rating from AM Best and a A+ rating from the BBB.

How do I get State Farm to stop calling me?

  1. Submitting the Do Not Solicit form.
  2. Contacting your agent, or.
  3. Writing us at the following address: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Mail Response Center. One State Farm Plaza. Bloomington, IL 61710.

Does State Farm send you a check?

We'll pay the shop, direct-deposit money into your account, or send you a check – whatever works. Buckle up, the road is calling!

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