Does vision insurance cover sunglasses?

Most vision insurance plans provide coverage for prescription sunglasses. Generally, vision coverage is limited to products that help correct your eyesight. But some plans might also offer discounts for non-prescription sunglasses from in-network healthcare providers.

What is the most common vision insurance?

Based on our data review, Direct Vision has the largest number of in-network providers, offering coverage nationwide. Annual exams are covered at 100% and other coverage options, including prescription sunglasses and Lasik discounts, are available based on your plan.

Can you get non-prescription sunglasses with VSP?

With VSP LightCare™, you can use your frame and lens benefit to get non-prescription eyewear from your VSP® network doctor. Sunglasses or blue light filtering glasses may be just what you're looking for.

Does Sunglass Hut take VSP?

To use the benefit, you will have to visit a participating, authorized, independent VSP optometrist. Because it requires an VSP insurance pre-authorization from an optometrist, you will not be able to just walk into the local Sunglass Hut or Nordstrom to use this benefit.

What insurance is best for Lasik?

Which vision insurance companies have the best coverage for Lasik? UnitedHealthcare and Davis Vision have the best benefits for Lasik, with discounted rates as low as $1,000 per eye. Many vision insurance plans will only give you a discount if you use one of their affiliated Lasik providers.

Is Davis vision the same as VSP?

How is Davis Vision different than VSP? Davis Vision offers the same services most employees have used with VSP. One unique aspect of Davis Vision is that they fabricate their own eyewear when using a Davis Vision independent provider; this allows Davis Vision to reduce cost.

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