Looking for good boat insurance to cover any unwanted catastrophic damage might sound silly. But our survey showed there had been about 5000 boat accidents around the United States in the year 2022.

Accidents are always unpredictable, and it is wise to make yourselves prepared for such a moment. For starters, how about enrolling for boat insurance? Over 100 well-recognized brands offer such insurance, but we have narrowed it down to the best one- SkiSafe!

Is SkiSafe a good insurance company? Reading all the customer reviews fully diminished our confusion. This article will provide all the information about SkiSafe’s services, customer reviews, offers, and benefits.

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Things To Look for While Searching for A Boat Insurance

There are many factors to consider when looking for a good boat insurance company. First of all, the leading boat insurance company generally provides two sets of policies to choose from- one is an agreed-value policy, and the other is an actual cash-value policy.

Though the actual value policy is much more budget-friendly, the agreed value policy provides more economic support in case of an accident. Additionally, it would help if you looked at every company’s insurance rules and regulations.

A specific insurance brand only allows insurance to a boat up to a certain size. On the other hand, some enroll in insurance unless the boats are not being used for commercial or industrial purposes.

Therefore, you need to find your specific needs from the insurance and match them to see which company will be the perfect fit for you.

You will also find some other companies that provide boat insurance as a publicity stunt to their customers. Such insurance companies do not provide all the necessary economical backup for your boat.

Fortunately, SkiSafe is completely dedicated to ensuring delicate boats. The later section contains more details information about the company.

Is SkiSafe a Good Insurance Company

SkiSafe- What Is Their Insurance Activity?

Suppose a boat enthusiast person moves to the United States and they are looking for a boat insurance company. In that case, they can definitely contact with SkiSafe- the most trustworthy United States boat insurance company. Starting from jet skis, kayaks, fishing boats, or even luxurious boats, SkiSafe has got you covered.

Their headquarter is in Lake Success, New York, and they have created a community of over 300,000 customers within 40 years of business. Therefore, is SkiSafe a good insurance company? To answer this question, we need to look at their individual ratings. The table below will give a better illustration:

Coverage and Benefits4/5
Customer Experience4/5
Financial Strength and Reputation4.3/5

SkiSafe- Their Coverage and Benefits

As we have already mentioned earlier, SkiSafe is completely dedicated to boat insurance. They provide insurance to a wide range of boats such as jet skis, big travelling boats, luxurious boats, kayaks, and so on.

When it comes to coverage and benefits, they run an agreed-value policy which might be expensive but advantageous in the long run. They also provide assistance with towing cost, related medical costs, or even travelling costs.

The total cost adds up to a minimum of 25000 dollars on each boat, depending on the type. Furthermore, the deductible costs are negotiable in case you have suffered a sudden accident and are on the brink of a complete loss.

Though the company offered no discounts, the process is simple, cheap and easy to implement. That is why the customer rating of Skisafe on coverage and benefits is 4/5, which is quite satisfactory.

The table below summarizes the coverage and benefits:

Type of Policy usedAgreed value
Insurance type coveragesHead-on collision
Passenger injury
Any type of property damage
Boat equipment coverage
Medical costs coverage
Boat trailer cost coverage
Type of boatLuxurious boats
Fishing boats
Pontoon boats
Additional coveragesWaiver in deductible costs
Towing costs
Traveling costs

SkiSafe- Their Customer’s Experience

One of the most important things that make an insurance company more iconic than the others is customer service, and SkiSafe tends to make that service top-notch.

To ensure that their customers are getting the service with complete satisfaction, they conduct an online meeting on a weekly basis for the customers to have their review, which results in their rating, which is 4/5.

Furthermore, their employees are at the customer’s service 24/7, providing all the necessary information regarding boat insurance. Also, their website is filled with meaningful, frequently asked questions, blog posts, articles, etc.

If you have any problem regarding their service or wish to ask any questions, post it on their website, and the website handlers will reach you immediately.

SkiSafe- Their Strength and Reputation

Before SkiSafe, there was another company named AXIS Insurance Company, and its head office is located in Bermuda. All the policies regarding the insurance of SkiSafe are well written and double-checked by AXIS.

As of today, SkiSafe has an excellent reputation, and the company’s record earnings were over 831 million dollars in the year 2017. What makes SkiSafe this elite?

Because the workers and employees at SkiSafe are skilled in boat riding, angling, and other extracurricular activities, which makes them easy to understand the customer’s needs and offer them a suitable insurance option.

In case of any emergency, such as a boat accident, our investigation team will do a complete report, not harassing the victims at all. They interrogate them with comprehensive care to file full evidence about the occurrence.

When the report is filed to the headquarters, their fast, responsive employees will enroll the insurance money in no time. In short, their works are fast and efficient.

At a glance, let’s look at the SkiSafe company profile:

Company’s Full NameSkiSafe Boat Insurance
Company Website Linkwww.skisafe.com
Headquarters1 Hollow Lane, Lake Success, NY, 11042

SkiSafe- Is There Any Discount?

Unfortunately, SkiSafe does not allow any additional discounts to its customers. This may seem a drawback to some people, which is why they have recently included a seasonal discount in their insurance plans.

SkiSafe offers a winter layout discount, including all types of coverages on and off the water. This includes protection against thieves or any kind of damage to the boat as well.

SkiSafe- About Their Insurance Review

After hearing all the services and benefits SkiSafe provides for boat insurance holders, are you still having second thoughts about “Is SkiSafe a good insurance company?”

It’s completely normal to feel confused! Therefore, we have gathered some of the positive and negative customer reviews so that you can make your decision quite faster.

Review 1

An angling enthusiast claimed he has been more than satisfied with the benefits and service of the SkiSafe insurance company. Though he had not suffered any significant accidents while fishing, the seasonal wear, and tears on the boat are completely taken care of by SkiSafe, excluding the deductible cost.

Apart from the first on the first boat, the fishermen bought two more boats and insured them with SkiSafe. He also said, and we quote, “Very happy with SkiSafe. I remain a loyal customer and will continue to do so.”

Review 2

Another person claims that SkiSafe has the most efficient and friendly customer service ever. He had many questions regarding the insurance issues and has knocked at the customer center over a hundred times. The employees were patient and made him understand each and every little detail of the process.

He said, “I want to thank SkiSafe for all your diligent and expeditious handling of my claim.” As a matter of fact, he even recommended others to join their insurance service.

It always feels good to read some of the best reviews of any company or organization. But you cannot just see one side of a story and make a biased decision of choosing SkiSafe. Here are some of the negative complaints about the company’s service.

Review 3

One lady has complained about their customer service vigorously. She said their employees have a lot of egos to consider, and the customer is complete trash.

She asked multiple questions about the insurance service and the answers were not completely clear. And they left her hanging when she claimed to have a solution. Anyone would recommend going for another insurance company after experiencing such difficulties with the service; this lady has done the same.

Review 4

Another customer claimed he had been using their service for over 10 years. He enrolled his boat on a 500 dollars premium insurance package. After the accident, his boat suffered severe damage, and SkiSafe intended to pay only 250 dollars of insurance.

He quoted, “They left with thousand dollars of repairs on my 10000 dollars boat. What’s the point of having their insurance coverage?” This person was so furious with their services that he also suggested searching for another boat insurance company.

Review 5

This person bought his boat in 2019 and immediately held insurance with SkiSafe. After 2 years of sailing, a crash with the ground surface damaged the boat and its engine.

SkiSafe claimed to cover 8000 dollars with the depreciation value when they filed for the insurance money, which left the victim to pay for a considerable amount of additional costs.

The quotation included, “This is why you have insurance to cover accidents, but they do not stand behind their company and their customers fairly.” He also said that he should have read the reviews before enrolling for SkiSafe boat insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SkiSafe offer any kind of short-term policy in its insurance plans?

Unfortunately, no short-term policy is included in any insurance plans of SkiSafe. They all have an annual plan and their recent discount on the winter layout to protect the boat.

How to report a damaged boat to SkiSafe?

The response time of SkiSafe is speedy. You can report the damaged boat to SkiSafe through their online communication system, where they will assign an employee to listen to the whole occurrence and file a report. They even sent an investigation team to further inquiry.

Are there any limitations in boat usage after enrolling for the insurance?

If you enroll on an insurance policy with SkiSafe, you can sail on your boat anywhere in the United States. SkiSafe company will not cover any insurance money if accidents happen outside the borders. It goes against their policy rules.

What kind of discounts does SkiSafe offer to their insurance plan?

SkiSafe offers a minimal amount of discounts to its clients. Recently, they have added a winter layout discount which they will cover for your boat if it is stolen or experiences any kind of traveling damage.

Does SkiSafe offer an insurance policy for low-price boats?

SkiSafe does not care about your boat buying price. If you enroll in their insurance plans, they will try their best to cover your boat’s safety.

Does SkiSafe have any online credit card payment system?

Yes! When you visit their online communication system, there is also a payment option where you will find an option named “Pay with Credit Card.” SkiSafe has 1000 dollars limit on the credit card. You can pay the rest of the bills on the phone if your payment is more than that.

Does SkiSafe offer installments?

Only the member of EZPay can get 25 percent down installment payment offers. Otherwise, the system is charged annually.

How long does it take to update the payment status on the SkiSafe website?

After you have made the payment, it usually takes 24 hours to update the payment status online.


Is SkiSafe a good insurance company? Though they provide many benefits and coverages to their customers, there have been many ups and downs in terms of reviews.

Still, if you choose to go with SkiSafe Insurance Company, then conduct your own research and further verify their customer services. A good boat insurance company nearly rises to fame because of its customer care, and if SkiSafe lacks this particular parameter, it is not worth signing with them.

We hope this article will help you to make a suitable and efficient decision for your boat’s insurance. Have fun and sail safely!

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