Is it hard to set up bounce house?

You can easily setup bounce houses, smaller inflatables, and smaller slides by yourself. Typically it might take about 15-30 minutes to set up or take down a bounce house or a smaller inflatable.

Can I sew a tear in bounce house?

Start out by inflating the bounce house to keep the damaged part smooth so you can repair it. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Then sew the torn area back together with a needle and thread. You should only use this method if the bounce house has visible cross-weaving, not if it is smooth.

How long does it take to set up a bouncy house?

The typical time spent to set up a bounce house is between 10 – 35 minutes depending on the size of the inflatable. Lay out, connecting the blower, inflating, anchoring, and inspecting are all part of the bounce house set up and included in set up time.

How long does it take to set up a bouncy castle?

Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to set up a bouncy castle depending on the type. Because these are recreational structures for children, it is important to know how to safely set it up to prevent accidents and unwarranted deflating.

How much space is needed for a bounce house?

As a rough guide, a 12ft x 12ft inflatable will need 20ft x 24ft clear space. For slides and combi castles, the required space will be larger. If you're not sure, always contact your hirer.

Can you sew a hole in a bounce house?

To patch a bounce house, you will need to cut a round patch from a patch kit and apply to the damaged area with vinyl cement or patch glue. If possible, patch the tear from the inside of the bounce house. If the tear is along a seam, or damage to the stitching, you will need to re-stitch with a sewing awl.

How do you fix a tear in a water slide?

Cut a patch that is at least ½ inch bigger than the tear, spread small amounts of glue around the square, and place the patch onto the glue to cover the tear. Then let the glue dry on the patch for at least 24 hours.

What kind of string do you need to repair bounce house?

We recommend using this sturdy polyester thread

Thread is a type of yarn but similarly used for sewing. It can be made of many different materials including cotton, wool, linen, nylon, and silk. › wiki › Thread_(yarn)

to repair inflatable bounce houses and slides, as well as tents, tarps, outdoor cushions and upholstery. Businesses and individuals alike use our poly repair thread to mend sails, outdoor canvas covers, boat covers and awnings.

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