Can you go to Kaiser without Kaiser insurance?

Our Medical Financial Assistance program helps low-income, uninsured, and underserved patients receive access to care. The program provides temporary financial assistance or free care to patients who receive health care services from our providers, regardless of whether they have health coverage or are uninsured.

How much does MRI scan cost in USA?

The cost of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) typically ranges between $375 to $2,850 in the United States, while the national average is $1,325.

Which is cheaper MRI or CT?

CT scans are less expensive than MRI scans but MRI scans provide greater detail. There are also different risks and benefits between CT scans and MRI scans.

What Are Imaging Tests?

Does Kaiser cover outside of California?

Kaiser Permanente service areas include all or parts of: California • Colorado • Georgia • Hawaii • Maryland • Oregon • Virginia • Washington • Washington, D.C.

Can I keep Kaiser if I move to Nevada?

A good example is Kaiser in California. If you have this health insurance when moving to Nevada, you will not have any doctors that are covered in the state. Although moving to a new state is considered a qualifying life event.

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Can I go to any Kaiser location for lab work?

You can either select the any location option or choose a specific medical center (may choose more than one). Select your preferred appointment time. Click schedule appointment to finalize your appointment.

3 Tips to Keep you Calm for your MRI Exam

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