Does Guardian have a missing tooth clause?

Teeth Lost , Extracted or Missing Before A Covered Person Becomes Covered By This Plan: A Covered Person may have one or more congenitally missing teeth or may have had one or more teeth lost or extracted before he or she became covered by this Plan.

Does Indian insurance cover dental implants?

Depending on the policy and the coverage of the dental plan, dental implants may or may not be covered under dental insurance in India. However, an exception may be made in case the dental implant procedure needs to be conducted in case of an accident, injury or illness.

Is there a way around missing tooth clause?

The best way to get around the missing tooth clause in your dental insurance is to file a well-supported appeal. Read your policy language carefully to know what facts to include in your petition. Your appeal might need to include evidence of prior coverage if the legal language consists of a phrase similar to this.

What does it mean if there is no missing tooth clause?

What is a missing tooth clause exactly? When a company has a provision in their contract that states that if a tooth is lost before the contract begins, they don't bear any responsibility to cover replacing the tooth. The cost of replacing the tooth, whether via bridge or crown, falls on the patient.

Do you have to replace a missing tooth?

Missing a tooth, even just one, can cause severe and permanent damage to your entire mouth. When you lose a back molar, its surrounding teeth are also impacted because they lose surrounding structure and support. Unfortunately, this causes your other back teeth to shift.

Why dental treatment is not covered by health insurance?

Most health insurance providers do not cover dental procedures because they are considered cosmetic treatments. And generally, health insurance plans do not cover elective procedures done for aesthetic purposes.

How much does a tooth implant cost in Mumbai?

The average dental implants cost in Mumbai comes around thirty-five thousand (Rs 35000) for each but a healthy and beautiful smile is much important than many people can even imagine.

Is root canal covered by insurance in India?

Is root canal treatment covered by dental insurance plans? Ans. Yes. Root canal treatment costs are covered under most dental insurance plans in India.

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