Do AARP members get discounts on hearing aids?

As part of the program, which is available to people even if they don't have UnitedHealthcare insurance, AARP members will gain access to: 20% off prescription hearing aids from the industry's top brands. A 15% discount on hearing care products, such as hearing accessories and assistive listening devices.

Can I get free hearing aids?

For a list of financial assistance options, visit You may also find an option through the list provided by the Hearing Aid Project at the state or national level. Your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) may also be able to direct you to local resources.

What perks do you get with AARP?

  • Rewards. Those who have a little free time can join the AARP Rewards program. …
  • Career tools. Your AARP membership comes with a wide range of career and job tools. …
  • Free online entertainment. …
  • Vision and dental insurance. …
  • Insurance discounts. …
  • The AARP Mastercards.
30 Sept 2022

How much are lively hearing aids?

The cost of Jabra Enhance hearing aids (formerly known as Lively hearing aids) ranges from $1,195–$1,995 per pair, depending on the model.

How do you get hearing aids when you can’t afford them?

In some states, people with low income might qualify for hearing aids through Medicaid. People with higher income may temporarily qualify for assistance with medical expenses, including hearing aids, through the “medically needy program” administered by the county social service agency.

How much do NHS hearing aids cost?

How much do NHS Hearing Aids Cost? NHS Hearing Aids cost nothing, they are completely free. The range of options is limited, but all are digital these days. The only costs involved will be the cost of travelling to your GP and the audiology department at your local hospital for appointments.

Can pensioners get free hearing aids in UK?

You will need a GP referral for a hearing assessment with an NHS service. If your hearing assessment shows that a hearing aid will be helpful, then you are eligible for a free hearing aid. Most hearing aids prescribed through the NHS are digital and usually 'behind the ear' types.

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