What makes a home uninsurable in Florida?

An “uninsurable property” can mean one of two things: The home is not in good enough condition to qualify for FHA mortgage insurance (and thereby for an FHA loan). The home is ineligible for property insurance because the insurance company considers the home too great a risk to insure.

What insurance companies do not want you to know?

  • Your car insurance may not be tied to the driver.
  • The type of car you drive matters.
  • Prior claims and questions raise rates.
  • You can check your report for errors.
  • Your credit score impacts your car insurance costs.
2 Nov 2019

Why would an insurance company deny?

Insurance claims are often denied if there is a dispute as to fault or liability. Companies will only agree to pay you if there's clear evidence to show that their policyholder is to blame for your injuries. If there is any indication that their policyholder isn't responsible the insurer will deny your claim.

What are at least five factors to consider when selecting an insurance company?

  • Independent agent vs. insurance company. …
  • Company history/reputation. Research the insurance companies you're interested in. …
  • Understand the insurance company's financial strength. …
  • Coverage. …
  • Price. …
  • Ease of doing business. …
  • Available discounts. …
  • The power of referrals.
13 Sept 2016

Do insurance companies follow you around?

An insurance company can hire a private investigator to follow you if you are in public. However, legal issues can arise if the private investigator follows or spies on you in a place where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

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