How do I replace my DC Medicaid card?

1-202-408-4720 or toll-free at 1-800-408-7511. Do more online. Lost your ID card? Log on to the Enrollee Portal to order a new one.

What is AmeriHealth NH?

Our mission is to help people get care, stay well, and build healthy communities by addressing the acute and broader social factors that drive health outcomes. We are New Hampshire's only Medicaid health plan with dental coverage for adults.

What is NH Medicaid called?

The program works to ensure that eligible adults and children have access to necessary health care services by enrolling and paying providers to deliver covered services to eligible recipients.

How do I get a new Medicaid card in NH?

Call Member Services at 1-833-704-1177 (TTY 1-855-534-6730). You can also request a new ID card through our online member portal.

Is AmeriHealth Medicaid NJ?

AmeriHealth Caritas and its affiliates comprise the largest family of Medicaid managed care plans in the United States. AmeriHealth New Jersey provides commercial health insurance for individuals and businesses in New Jersey.

Interpret Information on an Insurance Card

Can I print my Medicaid card online?

Yes. If your computer is connected to a printer, you can print a paper copy of the Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card. You can see an electronic version using a smartphone or tablet. Visit .

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Can I get a replacement Medicaid card online NC?

You can access your new ID card now and get a copy online through BlueConnect or the BlueConnect mobile app.

What is the name of DC Medicaid?

The District of Columbia offers Alliance and Medicaid Managed Care Plans: AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia, Health Services for Children with Special Needs (HSCSN), MedStar Family Choice District of Columbia, and Care First Community Health Plan District of Columbia. 2022 How to Apply for Health Insurance Step by Step Includes Self Employed People!

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