Is Aetna NJ Medicaid?

We proudly serve New Jerseyans, of all ages, who qualify for the NJ FamilyCare program (Medicaid, CHIP and Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS)) statewide.

What is a plan ID?

The Plan ID is a 3-digit number that designates one plan from another for the IRS and DOL. Which number goes to what plan is up to the employer in most cases. In the instructions for Form 5500, the IRS informs us that Plan ID numbers are to begin with 501 for a company's first health & welfare plan.

What is Medicaid in New Jersey called?

Pregnant women and children. Low income individuals and families. Blind and disabled Individuals. All ages.

Is Aetna Medicare or Medicaid?

We manage plans across the country including the Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), plans for people on Medicaid and Medicare and long-term care programs. Our plans go by different names in different states, but they all offer the same high-quality care.

Is Aetna part of NJ FamilyCare?

Aetna Better Health® is a managed care organization (MCO) taking part in NJ FamilyCare.

Does New Jersey have Medicaid?

NJ Medicaid. Medicaid provides health insurance to parents/caretakers and dependent children, pregnant women, and people who are aged, blind or disabled.

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