How old are the PJ Masks?

According to a YouTube video from the official PJ Masks channel, the PJ Masks are all 6 years old (the description reads "Six year olds Connor, Amaya, and Greg", thus confirming the PJ Masks' age).

Who is leader of PJ Masks?

Connor, also known as Catboy, is the main protagonist of the Disney Junior show PJ Masks. He is the oldest and the leader of the PJ Masks.

Is Armadylan a good guy?

Official Website description. A villain that wants to be a hero! Armadylan wraps into a ball and thunders about the city trying to do all the cool hero stuff but doesn't really see what it means to be a hero and ends up trying to outdo the PJs and wreck their plans, siding with the villains instead!

Who did PJ Masks?

PJ Masks is a British/French co-production by Entertainment One, Frog Box, and TeamTO.

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