Is UPMC for you a good plan?

UPMC for You is one of five Medicaid plans in Pennsylvania to earn an overall rating of 4 out of 5 Stars in NCQA's Medicaid Health Insurance Plan Ratings for 2021-2022.

Does UPMC cover Ohio?

Our provider network includes more than 140 hospitals and more than 29,000 physicians throughout Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.

What is UPMC in PA?

UPMC, a $24 billion world-renowned health care provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a nonprofit that: Invents new models of accountable, cost-effective, patient-centered care. Melds a firm community mission with progressive business models.

Does UPMC Insurance work in Florida?

UPMC for Life members enrolled in an HMO plan have in-network coverage when traveling to Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. You pay the same cost sharing when seeing providers in these states as you do in-network at home.

What is Pennsylvania’s Medicaid called?

Medical Assistance (MA), also known as Medicaid, pays for health care services for eligible individuals.

What is coinsurance with UPMC?

Copayment This is a flat fee you must pay for covered health care services. The amount will depend on the service. Annual Deductible You must pay 100% Coinsurance You must pay for a percentage of your care and UPMC Health Plan will pay for a percentage.

What does UPMC stand for?

1990, the name “University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,” or UPMC, was adopted. UPMC continued to merge with community and specialty hospitals, creating the first truly integrated health care delivery system in the Pittsburgh region.

What type of insurance is UPMC?

Our medical assistance plan from UPMC for You has been named the #1 Medicaid plan in Pennsylvania for eight of the last 10 years.

Is UPMC just in PA?

Find community health services at a center near you. With more than 60 centers and 200 cancer experts in western Pa. and Ohio, you'll find advanced cancer care close to home. UPMC shares high-tech health care and skills with people in Ireland, Italy, and other countries abroad.

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