Does Adventist Health take Medi Cal?

Adventist Health welcomes Medi-Cal, Medicare and most insurance plans. We also offer a discount program for the uninsured. If your current plan does not cover care at one of our facilities, ask your benefits manager or human resources department to add or switch to a plan that does.

Why did Adventist Health change their name?

The health system said the name change is part of an effort to rebrand as "a more consumer-centric, connected, and identifiable national system of care," in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Florida, Illinois, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Who is the CEO of Adventist Healthcare?

Kerry L. Heinrich assumed responsibilities as President and Chief Executive Officer of Adventist Health in 2022. Heinrich, who previously served on Adventist Health's board for seven years, has a passion for the organization's mission and culture.

How many Adventist hospitals are in the US?

A: Adventist Health is a large hospital system with over 116 owned and affiliated hospitals and 2,300 non-acute offices.

How many Adventist Health locations are there?

Today we are a national leader in quality, safety and patient satisfaction, comprised of 46 hospital campuses and nearly 77,000 team members. Although separated geographically, each of our facilities is united by the mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ.

How many states is AdventHealth?

AdventHealth operates nearly 50 hospitals and hundreds of care centers in nine states, making it one of the largest faith-based health care systems in the United States.

How many Seventh-Day Adventist hospitals are there in the world?

Today the worldwide Adventist church has over 15 million members in more than 200 countries. Adventists operate 7200+ schools worldwide with nearly 1.5 million students. They also run 168 hospitals worldwide, 138 nursing homes and retirement centers, 442 clinics and dispensaries, and 34 orphanages and children's homes.

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