What does AOR stand for in business?

In the world of marketing and advertising, Agency of Record (AOR) was typically understood to mean a single agency responsible for all the services that a particular business might require.

What Does "AOR" Stand For?

What is AOR in billing?

An agent of record (AOR) is the individual health insurance agent you designate with your health insurance company to represent you and help you manage your insurance policy. Each individual policy you purchase has its own agent of record.

What is AOR for benefits?

An AOR is the designated advisor/broker who typically set up your plan, represents your group at renewal and/or provides the on-going service for your benefits plan. They are the only individual/organization that your carrier will interact with on your behalf.

What does AOR stand for in Medicare?

Physicians and other prescribers who are providing your treatment may, upon providing notice to you, request for a pre-service redetermination on your behalf without completing an Appointment of Representative (AOR) form.

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What does AOR stand for in sales?

Implementing an AOR (activities, objectives, results) accountability framework enables sales teams to do just this. AOR is the vehicle that helps sales reps accelerate their objectives by understanding the impact of their activity efforts.

What does AOR stand for in management?

While programs should coordinate goals and expectations around long-term expectations, activities is what can most easily be managed. Implementing an AOR (activities, objectives, results) accountability framework enables sales teams to do just this.

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What does AORs stand for?

Advanced Occupant Restraint System (automobiles)

What does AOR stand for in government contracts?

Authorized Organizational Representative. Often sponsors, particularly government sponsors, will ask that a task be handled or submitted by the AOR. This is the Authorized Organizational Representative and refers to an office such as the Office of Sponsored Projects (ORSP).

What is an AOR document?

An Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) is an official document that confirms that Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has received your application. IRCC issues an AOR document after an individual submits an application for immigration, citizenship, or temporary residence.

What does AOR stand for in pharma?

The acronym AOR stands for agent of record. It is a document an agent would have a potential client sign to give the agent access to his or her health insurance policy through the carrier.

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What does AOR stand for in insurance?

Try Deel. An agent of record, also known as a broker of record, is a company or individual with legal authority to represent the insured party and manage an insurance policy on their behalf. Companies hire agents of record as service providers to avoid dealing with health insurance themselves.

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What does AOR mean in healthcare?

Patient's decision to discharge “at own risk” (AOR) is a common event that health care providers will face in their practice.

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