How much is Verizon Home protect?

Verizon Home Device Protect costs $25/month, plus applicable taxes. You can cancel at any time. Once a claim is approved under Verizon Home Device Protect, you may be required to pay either $49 or $99, depending on the product, prior to receiving a repair or replacement.

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What is Verizon’s device protection?

Verizon Protect provides coverage for repair and replacement of devices, VPN secured wi-fi, privacy from spam and robocalls, fraud protection and tech support.

What does asurion cover with Verizon?

Coverage for loss, theft and damage (including water damage) As soon as next-day device replacement. Unlimited cracked screen repair for select smartphones, fixed fast for only $29 for each approved cracked screen repair claim.

How much is Verizon protect per month?

Verizon Mobile Protect (single device coverage): Tier 1 smartphones and watches – $17/month. Tier 2 smartphones and watches, tablets and basic phones – $14/month.

Is Verizon home network protection free?

Home Network Protection (HNP) is a free service on your Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway Router or Fios Router that, once enabled, will automatically protect all connected devices in your home network, including non-display Internet of Things (IoT) devices (sometimes called 'headless' devices) such as smart thermostats or …

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How do I cancel Verizon protect home?

Cancellation: This Plan is provided on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled by you at any time for any reason by notifying Verizon Wireless or by contacting the administrator at P.O. Box 1818, Sterling, VA 20167 or by calling 844-769-1991.

What does Verizon Mobile protection cost?

The monthly cost is: Verizon Mobile Protect (single device coverage): Tier 1 smartphones and watches – $17/month. Tier 2 smartphones and watches, tablets and basic phones – $14/month.

What is device protection services?

Device protection covers it all, from loss or theft to damage, malfunction and threats to your personal data. Coverage is comprehensive.

How long does device protection last?

Typically, manufacturers provide a warranty that covers mechanical or electrical defects for a period of time (usually 1 year from the date of purchase). If you decide you want coverage for mechanical or electrical defects after your manufacturer's warranty expires, you can pay to extend it.

How do I contact Asurion Verizon?

Call us at 888-881-2622 and we're happy to help.

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How do I use Asurion Protection Plan with Verizon?

Repairs are performed by an Asurion-certified technician and come with a 12-month warranty. Visit to check current device eligibility. Eligibility determined at time of insurance claim approval. This benefit is provided by Wireless Phone Protection.

What does Asurion do with damaged phones?

Asurion covers loss, theft, accidental damage, and malfunction—the major things that people typically file claims for. Once the insurance claim is approved you'll be told if Asurion is electing to repair or replace the device— and you don't get to have any say. If it's the latter, they'll ship it out to you overnight.

Does Asurion replace broken phones?

Don't panic. If you have an Asurion mobile protection plan, you don't have to worry about a cracked screen, water damage, loss or even theft. Our experts are here to make things right. We'll fix your broken device or send you a replacement as soon as the same day.

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Does Asurion cover accidental damage?

Asurion Phone Insurance Plans can cover you beyond other mobile device insurance and warranty plans. Coverage for cracked screens and other accidental damage. Coverage from defects after the manufacturer's warranty ends. Loss and theft coverage, which is not typically covered with other warranty plans.

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