Sureint Insurance

Does insurance cover Trackracing?

Sadly, the standard auto insurance policies offered by most national and regional insurance carriers do not offer coverage for track days or high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) events. This could leave you vulnerable while you are at the track.

What kind of insurance is Mapfre?

MAPFRE Insurance writes property and casualty insurance in 19 states across the United States through a network of more than 4,200 independent agents and brokers. MAPFRE Insurance is the 19th largest provider of personal automobile insurance and the 20th largest personal lines insurer in the United States.

Which insurance companies have the most complaints?

The type of insurance policyholders had the most complaints about was accident and health insurance (37.7%), followed closely by auto insurance (33.7%). There were fewer complaints about homeowners insurance (12.71%) and life insurance and annuities (10.4%).

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