Does Ray-Ban have lifetime warranty?

Sadly, Ray-Ban doesn't offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty for any of its products. All frames, lenses, and sunglasses come with a standard limited two-year guarantee. This warranty covers all items and their parts against damage or faults caused by workmanship mistakes and defects.

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Are sunglasses covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies do not cover the purchase of prescription sunglasses. The Vision Service Plan[5] , a national provider of vision insurance, does allow consumers to buy prescription sunglasses with their annual eyeglasses benefit. Typical copays, which can range from $15 to $50, will apply.

How do you send back a broken Ray-Ban?

Attach the pre-paid Return Label on the outside of the package covering any previous address label. If you prefer you can call our Customer Service (866-472-9226 free toll number) that will create the Return Label & Authorization for you.

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How long does sunglasses warranty last?

Most sunglasses brands offer a 12- or 24-month limited warranty. However, some brands are brave enough to boast a lifetime or limited lifetime warranty.

Can I use insurance to pay for sunglasses?

Using vision insurance, FSAs or HSAs for sunglasses. Vision insurance will almost always cover prescription sunglasses, but it's unlikely to cover sunglasses without prescription lenses. Some plans do offer a percentage discount on non-prescription sunglasses when you buy them from an in-network provider.

Can I use my insurance to buy sunglasses online?

Can I use my vision insurance to buy sunglasses online? It depends on your vision insurance plan. Some vision insurance providers let you buy prescription sunglass lenses using your annual lens benefit (and frame benefit if the timing is right). Check your plan to see if prescription sunglasses are covered.

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Can I get sunglasses with prescription?

Prescription sunglasses are available for almost all corrective prescriptions, with several options including bifocals and progressive lenses. Many people enjoy the convenience of clear vision with the luxury of shade from the bright sun.

Are Oakley sunglasses covered by insurance?

All Oakley eyewear is warranted against breakage due to material or workmanship defect for two years from the date of purchase with a valid Proof of purchase. Oakley's warranty program does not cover scratched lenses.

Can I use VSP at Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban sunglasses and glasses online: We accept VSP, Cigna, and MetLife vision insurance plans. You may be able to apply your vision insurance to the purchase of prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses or glasses, and that could mean you pay a lower price out-of-pocket. We stock the hottest Ray-Ban frames.

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Is Ray-Ban in-network for EyeMed?

Use your EyeMed benefits to shop at your favorite in-network, online eyewear stores, like LensCrafters®, Target Optical®,™, ContactsDirect, and Ray-Ban®. No paperwork. No problem. You'll need a valid prescription, though.

Can I use VSP for sunglasses?

Most VSP members can use their vision benefits to buy eyewear online at Eyeconic— including stylish eyeglasses, sunglasses, lens enhancements and contact lenses.

Can I use VSP at Sunglass Hut?

To use the benefit, you will have to visit a participating, authorized, independent VSP optometrist. Because it requires an VSP insurance pre-authorization from an optometrist, you will not be able to just walk into the local Sunglass Hut or Nordstrom to use this benefit.

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How much does it cost to change Ray-Ban lenses?

Our Ray Ban polarized replacement lenses will be $99 for any lens color and any frame style. That includes all shipping to send you the lenses for your own installation or to send your frames to us, then return back to you once we install the lenses. Replacement prescription lenses will be between $325 and $425.

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