How do I talk to a Progressive?

Log in and you can email or chat with a Progressive

Progressive's Snapshot program personalizes your car insurance rate based on your actual driving. It's technically called usage-based insurance. That means you pay based on how and how much you drive instead of just traditional factors. › auto › discounts › snapshot

rep. Or, call 1-800-776-4737.

How long does Progressive take to process payment?

Payments take approximately 3 business days to reach your account. What are the different roles that can be assigned to user's on my account?

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How do I talk to a live person at Progressive?

Log in and you can email or chat with a Progressive rep. Or, call 1-800-776-4737.

How do I make an insurance claim with Progressive?

You can file a claim through our mobile app, online, or by calling 1-800-776-4737. We just need some basic info from you to get started. We connect you with the right experts at the right time to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Is Progressive good at paying out claims?

Is Progressive good at paying claims? In the 2021 J.D. Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, Progressive scored 862 out of 1,000 points, which was lower than the industry average of 880.

How long does it take Progressive to settle a claim?

We resolve many property damage claims within 7 to 14 days, but repair times can vary greatly based on your vehicle, the damage, etc. No matter what, we'll work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your normal routine.

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How does Progressive pay claims?

We pay you its actual cash value — which is the market value of your vehicle based upon several factors, such as its pre-loss condition, age, options, mileage, etc. — minus any applicable deductible if you're Progressive insured. We work with a third-party to help determine the actual cash value.

How does Progressive handle accident claims?

Auto insurance claims are easy to file. Our Progressive representatives help you through the process and make sure your repairs are handled quickly and efficiently. We strive to get you back on the road as soon as possible. You can file a claim through our mobile app, online, or by calling 1-800-776-4737.

How do I cancel my renters insurance Progressive?

Luckily, canceling your Progressive renters insurance policy is straightforward. You can call Progressive direct—at 1-888-671-4405—or connect via chat.

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Can I cancel Progressive insurance at any time?

To cancel a Progressive insurance policy, call (866) 416-2003 to speak with a representative and arrange for the cancellation to take effect immediately or at a future date. You can't cancel Progressive insurance online, but you can cancel over the phone at any time.

Does Progressive charge a cancellation fee?

Progressive charges a cancellation fee of 10% of your premium or a flat fee in some states, though customers in other states do not have to pay a fee for canceling their car insurance coverage mid-policy. Progressive customers will receive a refund for any unused premiums, minus any cancellation fee.

What happens if I cancel my renters insurance?

If you have paid for your renters insurance but cancel before the term is up, the insurance company will typically refund you any unused premium. There are some companies that have cancellation fees. But even if you are subject to a penalty for canceling, in the long run, it may still be better to cancel.

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How long does Progressive take to respond?

About 24-48 hours you'll get a call/email.

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Does Progressive Insurance have good customer service?

Based on our survey data, Progressive does not compare well to other insurance companies. It scored poorly for customer service, claims handling, and customer loyalty. Premiums are marginally less than the national average.

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