How do I talk to a person at Progressive?

Log in and you can email or chat with a Progressive rep. Or, call 1-800-776-4737.

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How do I make a payment to Progressive?

  1. Log in online.
  2. Get the Progressive mobile app.
  3. Pay via text.
  4. Call 1-800-776-4737.
  5. Set up automatic payments.
  6. Send a check by mail.

How do I view my Progressive bill?

After you log in, click the policy you want to manage. You can make payments, view policy details, report claims, print ID cards or proof of insurance and more. Click "Payments" in the top navigation bar to display billing and payments info. The summary section will tell you if you have a payment due.

Does Progressive Insurance have good customer service?

Based on our survey data, Progressive does not compare well to other insurance companies. It scored poorly for customer service, claims handling, and customer loyalty. Premiums are marginally less than the national average.

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What does Progressive customer service mean?

It's more than just a phone call for our call center reps at Progressive. Our customer service and inbound sales reps educate customers about coverage options, quote policies, and sell additional products like Home, Renters, Motorcycle, and Boat policies. The one thing they don't do: make cold calls.

Does Progressive have local agents?

We work with over 38,000 independent agents across the country. You'll be sure to find an agent in your area.

How long does it take for Progressive to process a payment?

Payments take approximately 3 business days to reach your account. What are the different roles that can be assigned to user's on my account?

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How long of a grace period does Progressive give?

Answer provided by. “Depending on where you live, Progressive has a grace period of about 10 to 20 days. If you didn't make your payment on time, you should receive a notice with the final payment due date before your policy is canceled.

How do I get a loss run report from Progressive?

  1. 1-800-776-4737, call us.
  2. Log In.

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How do I order a loss run?

How to Request a Loss Run Report. Loss run reports are created by your insurance carrier. If you want to request a report, all you need to do is contact your insurance agent or broker with a loss run request, and they'll contact your carrier.

How long does Progressive take to process total loss claim?

We resolve many property damage claims within 7 to 14 days, but repair times can vary greatly based on your vehicle, the damage, etc. No matter what, we'll work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your normal routine.

How long does it take to get loss runs?

Depending on the insurer, you may be able to receive your report in a day, in several days, or within a week. Taking longer than that may violate your state's insurance regulations, which typically require fulfilling a loss runs request in 10 days or less.


How do I get a receipt from Progressive?

If you have a Progressive policy, you can access your auto insurance card and coverage info 24/7 by calling or logging in online. You can also access your proof of insurance card on your phone through the mobile app.

How do I find my Progressive account number?

Call your dedicated Claims Representative. If you do not know the name and/or phone number of the Claims Rep, call the iSupplier Support Line at 877-616-7473 or send an e-mail to: How do I find my Progressive Supplier number?

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Does Progressive Insurance have an app?

You can find the Progressive app on the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android devices). The app is available for the vast majority of our customers, but it may not be available for older devices/phones or operating-system versions.

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