What does the Platinum plan include?

These include: Prescription medication coverage: most plans have a flat out-of-pocket fee for prescription drugs covered by the health plan. Preventive care, wellness checks, and chronic disease management. Emergency health care and services.

What is Platinum insurance?

What Is a Platinum Health Plan? A platinum plan, also called an Affordable Care Act (ACA) platinum plan, is one of the four main categories or metal levels of health coverage offered through the individual marketplace. This plan pays 90% of your medical costs, leaving you with the remaining 10%.

What do I get with SiriusXM platinum?

What You Get. The ultimate entertainment experience. Featuring our expertly curated ad-free music and exclusive artist-created music channels, our premium sports coverage with live games from every major sport, and sports talk, including all of our official league and college conference channels.

Does SiriusXM Platinum include streaming?

You receive a SiriusXM streaming login for each vehicle activated on your Platinum VIP Plan and can access Stitcher Premium with each login.

What is Platinum insurance?

Platinum plans usually have the highest monthly premiums of any plan category but pay the most when you get medical care. They may work well if you expect to use a great deal of health care and would rather pay a higher premium and know nearly all other costs are covered.

How much does SiriusXM platinum cost?

Then $22.99 per month. New subscribers only. See Offer Details below.

What is the highest rated health insurance company?

  • Best Overall: Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Best Value Plans: Oscar.
  • Highest Quality Plans: Kaiser Permanente.
  • Best for MinuteClinic: Aetna CVS Health.
  • Best for Medicare Advantage Plans: United Healthcare.

What are the 2 most common health insurance plans?

27 Sept 2020

Which companies have the best health benefits?

  • Boston Consulting Group. …
  • Ultimate Software. …
  • FactSet Research Systems. …
  • NuStar Energy. …
  • Kimley-Horn and Associates. …
  • Nugget Market. …
  • Perkins Coie. …
  • Arthrex.

Is it good to have platinum card?

The Platinum Card® from American Express is a high-end card that is packed with benefits and a hefty welcome offer. Cardholders can take advantage of numerous annual statement credits, entertainment benefits, extensive airport lounge access, elite status perks and much more.

What are the benefits of a platinum?

  • Free shipping with ShopRunner. …
  • Concierge Service. …
  • Low fares through the International Airline Program. …
  • Savings with the Cruise Privileges Program. …
  • Deals through the Amex Auto Purchasing Program. …
  • An extra point when booking Platinum Destinations Vacations.
7 Nov 2022

What is higher premium or platinum?

Platinum plans usually have the highest monthly premiums of any plan category but pay the most when you get medical care.

How do you qualify for a platinum card?

Getting approved for the American Express Platinum is like any new credit card application. You have better chances with a credit score above 700, a clean credit history, and a low debt-to-income ratio. If you think you might have to work on these factors, take the time to improve your credit to enjoy the benefits.

How much does a Covered California Platinum cost?

This plan features an attractive $0 deductible with minimal copays of $15-$30 for common services. And to top it off, if the worst should happen, the most you would have to pay in a year for covered services would be $4,500 for an individual or $9,000 for a family.

How much is Platinum plan for Obamacare?

How Much Does a Platinum Plan Cost? In 2021, the average premium for an ACA platinum plan is $709 per month for a 40-year-old person. Deductibles for platinum plans with a combined medical and prescription deductible averaged $0. Deductibles for plans with separate medical and prescription deductibles averaged $459.

How much does the average Californian pay for health insurance?

What is the average cost of health insurance in California? The average cost of health insurance in California is $541 per month for a 40-year-old purchasing a Silver plan. However, rates may vary depending on your location, your age and the plan's metal tier.

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