Is Moda Only in Oregon?

The Portland-based health insurer, which has about 365,000 members in its medical plans in Oregon and 5,800 in Alaska, expanded into Texas about a year ago and is gearing up to offer plans in Idaho next year.

What does Moda do?

Moda Health provides Oregon residents with individual health insurance, dental coverage, and Medicare plans, as well as group health and dental insurance. Moda Health provides individual health insurance plans with two provider networks: Beacon and Affinity.

What states does Moda health cover?

Our individual and family medical plans are available in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Texas. We also offer dental plans in Alaska and Oregon.

Is Moda health in Washington state?

Moda Health (formerly ODS Health) is a health insurance company based in Portland, Oregon. The company provides medical and dental insurance in Oregon, Alaska and Texas (and in Washington state before 2016).

Does Moda have out of network benefits?

All in-network providers and most out-of-network providers will bill Moda Health. Out-of-network pharmacies will not bill Moda Health. Instead, members should submit a claim for out-of-network pharmacy services. If members need to send a claim, they can download and mail a claim form.

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