Are home births legal in Indiana?

Indiana is one of fifteen states that prohibits Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) from delivering babies and generally prevents women from choosing midwife-assisted home births.

How much does a home birth cost in Pennsylvania?

The fee for home birth midwifery services is $4000. A fee of $150 is then added for water birth service and supplies. This includes all prenatal appointments.

Is midwifery legal in Indiana?

In Indiana, to legally practice midwifery, one must qualify as a certified nurse-midwife (CNM), meaning they are a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing and have also obtained a master's degree from a national accredited school of midwifery.

How much does a home birth cost in Indiana?

Most midwives charge a flat rate—where that $3,000 to $9,000 range comes in. Some give cash discounts, offer payment plans, and the ability to use FSA/HSA. The flat fee typically covers all prenatal, birth, postpartum, and newborn care; it does not include labs, ultrasounds, or birth supplies.

Can I just give birth at home?

Most pregnant people who choose to have planned home births deliver without problems. But research suggests that planned home births are associated with a higher risk of infant death, seizures and nervous system disorders than planned hospital births.

Can you be refused a home birth?

Midwives, GPs or obstetricians have no authority to agree or deny anyone a homebirth, they are there to ADVISE. Whether or not you accept their advice is entirely up to you. Some women have been told that it is 'illegal' to give birth at home. This is untrue.

Is homebirth legal in Pennsylvania?

It is not illegal to give birth at home in Pennsylvania, and in fact Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of home birth in the country.

Is it cheaper to have a at home birth?

The savings were even greater when compared to hospital births with a physician, at $2,541. Health-care savings continued even to the baby's 1st birthday, the study found, with at-home births saving $810 compared to hospital midwives and $1,146 compared to physicians.

How much does it cost to give birth in Pennsylvania?

According to a recent Money article, $6,850 is the average negotiated rate (what your insurer agrees to pay the hospital for childbirth) for a vaginal birth in Pennsylvania. If you end up needing to have a Cesarean section, the average rate rises to $10,266.

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