Why do we need hospital insurance?

This is because these products cover day-care procedures, treatment at a wide network of hospitals, pre and post hospitalisation costs and even insure your mental illness treatment, among other things. With inclusions like these, you would not have to worry about a medical condition putting a strain on your finances.

Can I claim insurance for day surgery?

Yes, you can make a claim for Hospital Cash Benefit for day surgery performed in a specialist clinic or a hospital but not any surgery performed by a General Practitioner.

Is private hospital better than public Singapore?

Private hospitals in Singapore have a plethora of modern amenities that will generally lead to greater comfort for patients and their families alike. For example, Gleneagles has a living room area available in their best suite, which even comes with an in-room Nespresso machine.

Is day surgery considered hospitalization?

Day surgery is an option provided for you to obtain medical care and return home the same day. Today, more and more surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, which reduces the need for inpatient hospitalisation and results in associated cost savings.

How many hours do you have to be in the hospital to claim insurance?

This is primarily a hospitalisation benefit. There must be a hospital stay of at least one day before any claims can be considered.

Does Integrated Shield plan cover day surgery?

The association and IP insurers emphasise that IPs do cover surgical procedures done in a day surgery centre and private clinics so long as they are claimable under MediShield Life, and that hospitalisation is not required for such procedures to be claimable.

Why do people prefer private hospital than public hospital?

Private hospitals offer an excellent doctor-to-patient ratio. In addition, there is usually a larger number of attentive staff (nurses) per patient in private hospitals. A private hospital enables the patient to select their preferred surgeon.

Is public healthcare better than private?

Private sector healthcare delivery in low- and middle-income countries is sometimes argued to be more efficient, accountable, and sustainable than public sector delivery. Conversely, the public sector is often regarded as providing more equitable and evidence-based care.

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