What is the new roof law in Florida?

A new Florida law now states that in the event of a storm, if more than 25% of the roof is damaged, the insurance company can determine whether to repair or replace the roof. This allows insurance companies to take the most cost-effective route, which results in savings they can pass on to their customers.

How old can a roof be for insurance in Florida?

For example, new laws prohibit companies from refusing to write or renew policies on homes with roofs that are more than 15 years old solely because of the roof's age. They must allow the homeowner to get an inspection to prove a roof has five years or more of useful life.

Can I get homeowners insurance with an old roof in Florida?

And for roofs that are older than 15 years, insurers would have to allow homeowners to have an inspection on the roof's condition before refusing coverage. If the inspection shows the roof has five or more years of useful life left, the insurance company could not reject coverage simply because of age.”

Can you get homeowners insurance with a 20 year old roof in Florida?

Roof age. If your home has a newer roof, you'll likely see lower rates — maybe even a policy discount. If your roof is more than 15 or 20 years old, coverage will likely cost more and your insurer may only agree to cover the roof at its actual cash value.

What is considered an old roof in Florida?

If your roof is 15+ years old you do have an option through the State of Florida Insurer… Citizens.

What is the new law in Florida about roofs?

New legislation requires insurance companies to honor a Certified Inspection instead of a roof replacement. If an inspector certifies a roof has at least 5 years left, the insurance company must honor it. They cannot drop coverage. This is excellent news if you have a long-lived roof system like the Tesla Solar Roof.

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