Is Zocdoc a free app?

Oh, and did we mention the app is free for patients? Take the hassle out of health care. Filter doctors according to your symptoms and find specialists in over 50 categories.

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How do I cancel Zocdoc?

To deactivate your account, sign into your Zocdoc account. Then, click “Settings”, and click on the “Data Privacy Settings” tab on the left of the page, then scroll down and click "Delete my account".

Does Zocdoc have an API?

Zocdoc, the leading healthcare marketplace that makes it easy for people to find and book in-person or virtual care across +200 specialties and +12k insurance plans, today announced the launch of Zocdoc for Developers, Zocdoc's first-ever public API platform.

Is there a free medical app?

Top 10 free medical apps, along with their publishers: MyChart (Epic) GoodRx: Prescription Coupons (GoodRx) healow (eClinicalWorks)

Does Zocdoc have an app?

The Zocdoc app is the quickest, easiest way to book and keep track of your appointments.

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What is the app where you can talk to doctors?

Livi's new online therapy service means you can take care of your mental health from the comfort and privacy of home.

How can I cancel my appointment in Zocdoc?

Simply sign in to your Zocdoc account to change your scheduled appointments. But please note that cancelling or rescheduling too many appointments may result in your account being locked, and we'd hate to see that happen!

How long has Zocdoc been around?

Zocdoc was founded in New York City in 2007 by Oliver Kharraz, Nick Ganju, and Cyrus Massoumi, who served as the company's first CEO.

Is Zocdoc a SaaS?

ZocDoc is a mobile-based application embedding the internet-based SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that bridges the gap between doctors and patients.

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