How do I know if something is covered by my insurance?

If you have any questions about what your plan covers, call your insurance company. Member services representatives are there to answer exactly these types of calls. They can tell you whether a doctor, prescription or service is covered and how much your insurance will pay.

Does birth control have to be covered by insurance?

Plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace ® must cover contraceptive methods and counseling for all women, as prescribed by a health care provider.

How does birth control work with insurance?

Birth control is a type of preventive care. Under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, most health insurance plans must cover the total cost of preventive care, meaning they don't charge you coinsurance or a copayment.

Can I claim 2 insurance policies Singapore?

Life insurance and related products (endowment, invest-linked, critical illness, personal accident) let you claim across multiple policies. However, you should note that there will be a total limit to the amount you can claim.

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