How do you know if you have a gap?

You can usually tell if you have a gap simply by looking at your smile in the mirror: in a properly-aligned smile, you shouldn't see any gaps. However, gaps may be small and subtle, or in the back of your mouth where you can't see them.

What age do gaps close?

In fact, almost half of all kids under age six will have a diastema between the front teeth. This gap will usually close by itself by the time your child turns eight or nine, but if the gap hasn't closed on its own once the adult canines and incisors have erupted, your child may need assistance in closing it.

Can you feel gap between teeth?

Gappy teeth are quite common, but sometimes they can become a bit of a bother. Maybe you don't like the look of them or find that food gets trapped, causing issues with your gums. Gap teeth can create pockets between your teeth and gums where food can get stuck.

Is a gap permanent?

Fortunately, that gap doesn't have to be permanent. There are several treatments available for “gappy teeth” and fixing them carries both aesthetic and health benefits for your smile.

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