Can dogs have eye replacement?

It is often possible for cataracts in dogs to be surgically removed and replaced with an artificial lens. However, not all dogs with this condition are suitable candidates for dog cataract surgery.

Can cataract surgery be done on dogs?

Cataracts in dogs are removed using a technique called phacoemulsification. This procedure uses an ultrasonic device to break up and remove the cloudy lens from the dog's eye. This is the same procedure that is used in cataract surgery on people.

Can dogs get replacement eyes?

In many cases, cataracts in dogs can be surgically removed and replaced with an artificial lens. Unfortunately however, not all dogs with cataracts are suitable candidates for this surgery.

Can a dog live a normal life with one eye?

The good news is that dogs can quite easily adapt to life with one eye and live long, happy, and completely problem-free lives. However, if your pet is having an eye removed, you'll need to offer whatever assistance you can to help make the adjustment to their new circumstances as smooth as possible.

Is cataract surgery worth it for older dogs?

Many times cataracts are small and will not hamper your dog's vision. Cataract surgery is not a lifesaving surgery. It is more a choice you must make if your vet indicates blindness will result. None of us want our dogs to go blind, but anti-inflammatory drugs combined with Occu-Glo may help.

Why can’t dogs have cataract surgery?

Are there risks with cataract surgery for dogs? All surgical procedures with pets or people come with some level of risk. Complications stemming from cataract surgery in dogs is rare, but some complications seen by vets following cataract surgery are corneal ulcers and pressure elevations within the eye.

Can cataracts in dogs be treated without surgery?

To date, there have been no medicines known to cure cataracts, and as such, a surgical procedure to remove the opacified lens and replace it with an artificial lens has been the only available option to correct the problem.

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