Is Otto a reputable insurance company?

Otto insurance is a legitimate lead-generation site that sends user information to a network of over 1,000 insurance agents and affiliates. It matches you with two insurance companies that can give you quotes.

Can I trust Insurify?

Is Insurify legitimate? Yes, Insurify is a completely legitimate company. Insurify isn't an insurance company, though; it's an online marketplace that you can use to compare companies and quotes. Your policy won't be written by Insurify, but rather by the company you choose based on the quotes you receive.

What is the best Canadian insurance company?

  • Best insurance for full suite of products: La Capitale.
  • Best insurance for digital innovation: Manulife.
  • Best value for money life insurance: RBC Insurance.
  • Best insurance for combo coverage: SSQ.
  • Best insurance for in-person purchase: Sun Life.
  • Best insurance for price: Wawanesa.
16 Nov 2022

Is Progressive a reputable company?

While Progressive isn't the cheapest provider, its decent customer service and range of features and discounts make it a good insurance company to consider. Conversely, Progressive's homeowners and renters insurance aren't strong options like its other offerings.

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