Do bought by many pay vets directly?

Do ManyPets (formerly Bought By Many) pay vet direct? ManyPets (formerly Bought by Many) can pay the vet directly, if your vet is happy to do so.

How does bought by many work?

Octopus portfolio company Bought By Many works by bringing together communities of people who have similar, but niche, insurance needs. By negotiating for the group as a collective, the company tries to secure better insurance deals than if the individuals went it alone.

How do I make a claim bought by many?

For claim queries or to make a claim, you can call 0333 130 4552 or email Alternatively, you can log in to your account to make new claims or track the progress of existing claims.

Who are the underwriters for bought by many?

After five years of evolution, the company went all-in on pet insurance in 2017, launching their own branded policies, underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance, a part of Munich Re. Bought By Many saw a massive uptick in business as the world shuttered its doors, and we were all forced to stay at home and save lives.

What is the best pet insurance at a reasonable price?

  • Embrace – Best For Superior Benefits.
  • Pets Best – Great For Choices Of Deductible.
  • ManyPets – Best For Lowest Out-Of-Pocket Claims Costs.
  • Figo – Great For Short Waiting Period For Accident Coverage.
  • Lemonade – Best Price For Kittens And Puppies.
  • Spot – Best For Annual Coverage Choices.

Is it worth shopping around for pet insurance?

Pet insurance can be relatively expensive, so it's worth shopping around for the best deal. Comparison websites are a good place to start. But they don't all cover the whole market. So use a few different sites to make sure you don't miss any good deals.

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