Is physical damage the same as full coverage?

Physical Damage is a general term for a group of insurance coverages that protect your vehicle. This general term includes Collision insurance, as well as your choice of full Comprehensive insurance or the more limited Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverage (CAC) insurance.

What is mechanical breakdown?

Mechanical Breakdown means the malfunction or failure of moving or electronic parts, component failure, faulty installation, or blowout.

What is an example of mechanical breakdown?

A turbine generator supplying power to a hospital failed when blades broke and penetrated the engine. A bolt came loose and fell into a high-speed press, damaging the cylinder and gears.

What is difference between mechanical and breakdown?

Mechanical breakdown insurance, also known as MBI or car mechanical insurance, is a type of insurance policy. While a standard auto insurance policy covers you against damages caused by an accident, mechanical breakdown insurance covers you against repairs that result from normal wear and tear.

What is breakdown in machinery?

Machinery Breakdown means a sudden and accidental breakdown of an Object, or part thereof, that necessitates repair or replacement of the Object or part thereof.

What is considered a mechanical failure?

12. Mechanical Failure means the sudden and unforeseen failure of any Covered Component to perform the function for which it was designed, but does not include any failure due to negligence.

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