Do eXp agents get stock?

With eXp Realty's Sustainable Equity Plan, real estate agents receive stock awards for completing specific tasks within the company. Agents receive shares of stock whenever they: Close your first home each year with eXp Realty – $200 worth of EXPI stock. Fully cap each year – $400 worth of EXPI stock.

Does eXp Realty have physical locations?

Are there really no brick and mortar offices? We have the corporate headquarters in Bellingham, Washington, and a few brick and mortar offices in states that require a physical office. Other than that, eXp agents and brokers work from their home offices, remote office space or Regus Coworking Center.

How do you get eXp stock?

  1. Close on your first transaction each year ($200 worth of EXPI stock)
  2. Reach or exceed your annual commission cap ($400 worth of EXPI stock)
  3. Introduce/sponsor an agent and they sell their first home with eXp ($400 worth of EXPI stock)

What is eXp agent equity program?

Another way eXp Realty agents can become an owner in their brokerage is to participate in the eXp Stock Purchase Plan (aka “Agent Equity Program”). Agents receive a 10% discount on EXPI stock when they allow eXp to withhold 5% of the commission generated from the agent's transaction.

Why is eXp Realty stock dropping?

Rising interest rates translated into rising mortgage rates, which also hit eXp. Over the last year, about two-thirds of its shares' market value has been wiped out. The shares' precipitous fall could offer long-term value to investors as the company shows no signs of slowing down, even if mortgage rates climb further.

Is eXp Realty virtual?

At eXp Realty, the office has always been in a virtual world. Innovation brings swift growth for all stakeholders, including 85,000 agents as of October 2022, many of whom voted for the company as a Glassdoor Employee Choice Awards “Best Place to Work” five years in a row.

Can you join eXp without a sponsor?

Technically, you do not need to have a sponsor. You can simply join eXp Realty with the company as your sponsor. However, this is not advised as choosing a sponsor doesn't cost you anything. Also, you do not receive any additional benefits by naming the company as your sponsor.

What is different about eXp Realty?

No costly overhead — Traditional brokerages have hefty setup charges for agents. But since eXp is a virtual environment, agents are not hit with costly overhead fees passed onto them for brokerage operations such as rent, desk fees, insurance, utilities, furnishings, staff and more.

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