Does Costco use Delta?

Costco members with current DeltaCare USA plans will receive information regarding policy renewals (where applicable) and options for coverage continuation. Sign in to your online account to access your plan information and find out your current policy end date.

Does Costco Canada have health insurance?

You qualify for Health & Dental Insurance for Costco members if: You are a Costco member. You are 18 or older. You are a Canadian resident.

Does Costco offer airfare?

Airfare can be purchased as an add-on with most of our vacation packages. Some packages include airfare and some cannot be booked without airfare. Generally, there is an additional value and/or a better price when you purchase a package that includes airfare.

Does Costco Travel use Southwest airlines?

Unfortunately, no. Costco Travel does not offer Southwest or Spirit Airlines flights at this time. However, we do offer a variety of favored airlines to choose from. Click here to view the carriers we sell.

What is the benefit of using Costco Travel?

Often, they go above and beyond what you'd get by booking independently. For example, your travel package might come with extra meal credits, a bottle of champagne in your hotel room, free airport transfers, or other perks that are only available to people who book through Costco.

Does Costco have health benefits?

To purchase Costco health insurance, you must be a Costco member. From here, you have access to buy Costco health insurance through well-known providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield or Oscar. By being a Costco member, you will have access to additional discounts or benefits on some of these plans.

How do I extend my Manulife travel insurance?

Your client can call the Assistance Centre to request an extension as long as the plan has not expired and: The period of coverage does not extend beyond 365 days. The client remains eligible for insurance under this plan.

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