How do I get my CPAP machine covered?

Obtaining a CPAP machine through your insurance company requires a lot more than a simple request. Most insurers require a prescription, a valid sleep study, and an initial compliance period (more on that later). You will also need to provide usage proof to receive replacement supplies.

What is APAP for sleep apnea?

APAP is short term for “Automatic Positive Airway Pressure,” and is one of the three main forms of positive airway pressure that delivers air to your airway to help you breathe during sleep if you have sleep apnea.

How do I claim my CPAP machine?

  1. Download claim form. Download this Claim Form, ready to fill in with your details.
  2. Fill in member and claim information. Fill in the member information (either for yourself or the person on the policy you're claiming for) and requested claim information. …
  3. Sign and date. …
  4. Attach documents. …
  5. Submit.

What is sleep apnea covered under?

Since CPAP is the most common form of sleep apnea therapy, it's generally covered by most insurance policies. CPAP is “considered to be durable medical equipment,” writes Dr. Helene A. Emsellem, director of the Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders.

Do I need a prescription to replace my CPAP machine?

You will only need a prescription for CPAP if you want to get a new device. Typically, insurance will cover a new CPAP machine every 5 years or so. It is recommended that you replace some of the CPAP equipment on a regular basis, such as filters, cushions, tubing and your mask.

What do I do if my CPAP breaks?

  1. If your CPAP mask breaks, don't worry! …
  2. If you have insurance that covers your apnea therapy, make sure your insurance company has a valid supply prescription on file with your DME supplier. …
  3. If you can, re-order your replacement parts as soon as your mask has broken.
19 Nov 2022

Is APAP worse than CPAP?

Since APAP machines can be set as CPAP machines (by setting both the higher pressure setting and low pressure setting at the same number), the APAP machine has an advantage over CPAP devices. In the long run, APAP may be the better and more cost-effective machine for long-term use.

Is an APAP the same as a CPAP?

What is APAP technology in comparison to CPAP? While CPAP delivers one continuous pressure level of air, APAP automatically adjusts to meet each specific person's breathing needs, which often change throughout the night as we move in and out of different stages of sleep.

Does APAP help you sleep?

Why Use APAP? Studies show that all types of positive airway pressure may work equally well to help you sleep normally. Standard CPAPs have a long track record and are the most widely used. They're also simpler and less expensive than the other machines.

What does an APAP look like?

What Does an APAP Machine Look Like? Most APAP machines look very similar to CPAP machines. Patients will wear a mask that has a tube connected to the machine much like a CPAP machine. The only difference between CPAP machines and APAP machines is how the technology affects the breathing pattern of the patient.

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