Does insurance cover breakdown towing?

Car insurance protects your car from many forms of damage. Unfortunately, breakdowns aren't covered by default. To cover the towing of your car when you weren't involved in an accident, you'd need roadside assistance in your policy. After a crash, the insurance of the at-fault driver usually covers towing expenses.

Is roadside assistance worth it India?

While keeping a spare tyre, a toolbox to fix a puncture, etc is great, opting for a roadside assistance policy (RSA) can save you from the hassles and struggles of towing your vehicle, dealing with a dead battery, etc.

How do I claim direct Asia?

Email us at or call us at 6532 1818 or +65 6603 3699 to notify us within 30 days when something happens which may result in a claim. After which, fill in an Online Travel Claims Form with your proof of travel and supporting documents within 30 days upon returning from your trip.

What is NTUC Drivo Classic?

Drivo Classic only allows for repairs at authorised workshops. Whereas Drivo Premium gives you the choice of choosing your preferred workshops. They both cover all other aspects the same, from third-party damage (including fire, theft, flood), medical expenses and personal accident, to windscreen cover.

How do I make a travel claim?

  1. Step 1: Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. …
  2. Step 2: Download and fill up the travel insurance claim forms. …
  3. Step 3: Prepare your supporting documents. …
  4. Step 4: Submit your claims documents online, in person or via snail mail.
28 Jul 2022

How do I make a claim with NTUC?

  1. Speak to a customer service officer. Speak to a customer service officer at. +65 6332 1133.
  2. Visit a claims servicing branch.

Can I claim insurance for windscreen?

Unlimited windscreen cracks or breakages are covered so rest easy. Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only – you can take optional cover for windscreen breakages. Your policy will generously cover you for two claims on your windscreen or windows per policy period.

What is full Kasko insurance?

KASKO policy will protect you from losses resulting from accidents, vandalism or car theft. The insurer will provide free roadside assistance or even offer a courtesy car while yours is at the service station.

Does NTUC Car Insurance Cover Flood?

NTUC Income car insurance covers accidental, fire damage, flood and natural disaster, so you can be confident that you're covered for the times you need it most.

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