Does car insurance cover unnamed driver?

Named drivers will be able to make claims under the insurance plan, while unnamed drivers are usually not able to, though some insurers allow claims for unnamed drivers with an additional access. It is best to check with your insurer or the policy plan for the details.

Can you be the policy holder but not the main driver?

The main driver (or vehicle policyholder) is the person who drives the vehicle most often and earns no claims discount. They do not need to be the principle policyholder but they must live at the same address as them.

Does car insurance cover all driver?

Your car insurance typically will cover other drivers operating your vehicle if they're listed on the policy. This may include your spouse or significant other, your parents, your siblings or your children. It also may include other household members.

What is unnamed driver excess?

Unnamed Driver Excess means the amount that You must pay in addition to the Excess as shown in the Schedule, for any claim made in respect of an Accident which occurred when the Car was driven by an Unnamed Driver.

What happens if someone else is driving my car and gets in an accident without insurance UK?

What's the punishment for DOC uninsured? A driver who is involved in an accident or caught without DOC insurance, even if the car they are driving is insured by the owner, will be dealt with severely by the law. They will be heavily fined with up to 8 licence penalty points, and could be banned from driving.

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