What goes in car for AC?

In most cars that are on the road today, R134a refrigerant makes the A/C system blow cold on hot days. Selected for its low flammability and safety, as well as because it's kinder to the environment, almost every car built since 1994 is equipped with R134 refrigerant.

What does OC mean in insurance?


Collateralization is the use of a valuable asset as collateral to secure a loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender may seize and sell the asset to offset their loss. For lenders, the collateralization of assets provides a level of reassurance against default risk.
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(OC) is the provision of collateral that is worth more than enough to cover potential losses in cases of default.

What is NNW insurance Poland?

NNW is a personal accident insurance that protects health and life of the driver and passengers. NNW ensures financial support for the driver and passengers in case of bodily injury, incapacity for work or death. The insurance also covers the refund medical treatment cost.

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