Does travel insurance cover all countries?

The length of coverage can range from 1 day up to a maximum of 12 months. International travel health insurance policies will generally provide coverage for all countries except the country in which you live.

Does Aetna International work in the US?

Aetna International operates in almost every country in the world. For eligible members who are in need of treatment, the CARE team will get you the appropriate care, wherever you are.

Can I use my Aetna insurance in the Philippines?

The NMI Retirement Fund is reminding people that the group's health insurance provider, Aetna Global Benefits, is accepted at three hospitals in the Philippines.

Can I use international health insurance in the US?

Yes, most international health insurance policies offer coverage for emergency repatriation to the US for medical treatment. However, they do not necessarily cover the cost of hospital treatment once you are back home; for that, you need a worldwide health insurance policy, including the US.

Is Aetna available in all 50 states?

With Aetna health insurance, you have access to a wide variety of insurance plans, including Medicare plans, and Aetna is available in all 50 states.

Is international health insurance the same as travel insurance?

Unlike travel insurance, which only provides limited coverage, international health insurance covers medical visits, hospitalizations and medication and can include medical assistance/repatriation, death & disability and/or third-party liability too.

Can I use Aetna in the Philippines?

Benefits are available to you wherever you choose to receive care, including in the Philippines, in a neighboring country, or back in your home country.

Does Aetna work internationally?

Enjoy peace of mind wherever you travel with global medical coverage. We have over 30 years experience in international health insurance. And more than 500,000 members trust us with their care worldwide.

Does Aetna cover international medical expenses?

Worldwide coverage. 24-hour member support team. Generous annual maximum coverage. Emergency medical evacuation.

What is the difference between travel and health insurance?

Travel insurance is designed for holidaymakers to cover cancellations, personal belongings and emergency medical treatment, whereas international health insurance is designed to cover inpatient treatment check-ups and continuing treatment of chronic conditions abroad.

What is international insurance?

An international health insurance plan offer a range of covers suitable for anyone working and living outside of their home country for a year or more. Amongst others, they include: Medical and emergency evacuations. Medical care expenses. Maternity coverage.

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