Can I use Zipcar without card?

No, a Zipcard is not needed as all of our US Zipcars have Bluetooth® technology. This technology allows your mobile phone to lock, unlock, as well as start and end trips on all US Zipcars from the iPhone® or Android™ app.

Do you need to pay Congestion Charge with Zipcar?

The congestion charge is included as part of your Zipcar membership. The charge applies to vehicles travelling within the charging zone between 07:00 and 22:00, seven days a week.

How far can you drive a Zipcar UK?

We believe in keeping things simple, which is why every Zipcar journey includes insurance, Congestion Charge and 365 breakdown assistance, at no extra cost. It also includes 60 miles travel and fuel each day. Need to go further? No problem – it's just from £0.25/mile after 60 miles for that day.

Can I use Zipcar without key?

It's required to access our vehicles via the app. When you're leaving the vehicle, be sure to tap lock from the same screen as before. No need to use the keys (which should always remain in the car!)

Can I use my phone to unlock Zipcar?

You can lock & unlock your Zipcar using the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™ mobile app or using your physical Zipcard if you have one.

Can Zipcar go through congestion zone?

We pay for Congestion Charge, oh – and we're ULEZ

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is an area in London where a fee is charged for driving the most polluting vehicles. Plans were laid out under Boris Johnson and introduced by Sadiq Khan in April 2019 in Central London, covering the same area as the congestion charge. › wiki › Ultra_Low_Emission_Zone

compliant too. We told you we've got you covered!

Do you have to pay ULEZ in a Zipcar?

Car sharing with Zipcar offers a quick and easy way to get access to a vehicle without the overheads of buying a new car. Insurance, mileage, road tax, ULEZ and congestion charge are all included within the reservation so you only pay for the time you need.

Can I drive a Zipcar out of London?

Whether you're looking for a seaside trip, or just a weekend escape, Zipcar is the perfect companion to get you moving quickly and with our generous 60 miles per day. There's plenty of places you can get to for a weekend out of London without having to splash extra cash on mileage.

How much does Zipcar charge per mile UK?

There is no mileage limit on reservations in our vehicles (both Roundtrip and Flex). Reservations include 60 free miles per day, with a day representing each 24-hour period of the booking. If you drive over the 60 miles, mileage charges will apply at £0.29 per extra mile.

How far can I go with Zipcar?

There's never a limit on how far you can drive your Zipcar, but there is a limit on how many of those miles are covered for free. Most trips in the US come with 180 miles included per 24-hour period, with 20 additional miles for each additional hour (until 180 miles is reached).

Can you drive a Zipcar out of London?

Important note: Zipcar only operates inside London, and you can only use Zipcar to drive to Heathrow. So drive a Zipcar to Gatwick, Luton, City or Stansted and you could well find yourself having to drive back to London just to find somewhere to park.

What happens if you go over 180 miles in Zipcar?

Most trips come with 180 miles (or 200km) included per 24-hour period, with 20 additional miles (15 km) for each additional hour (until 180 miles, or 200km, is reached). All additional mileage will be billed at $0.58/mile ($. 50CAD/km) upon completion of your trip.

Is Zipcar good for long distance?

Is Zipcar Worth It for Long Trips? Zipcar isn't the best choice for long trips if you're traveling more than 180 miles. You're charged per mile when you reach that limit, so your trip can get expensive quickly. It's more affordable to rent from a company that charges daily rates with no mileage restrictions.

Can I use Zipcar without key?

To unlock the Zipcar, hold your Zipcard against the card reader, which is located in the windshield. Hold the card in front of the reader for a few seconds and the car will unlock. After your initial scan, you can use your Zipcar app to lock and unlock the Zipcar.

How do you use Zipcar app?

Download the Zipcar app and book a round trip car ahead of time or right away. Make sure to turn on location services to see cars that are available in your area. Once your trip is booked, you can use the app to see photos of your car's location, details of your trip, make changes or cancel your reservation.

Can I go anywhere with Zipcar?

Drive one-way and drop in the Zipzone. Flex is our one-way service, where you can pick up and drop cars anywhere in the Zipzone so long as it complies with our parking rules where you are ending your trip.

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