Can we buy 6 months car insurance?

At the end of the policy period, your policy may then renew at a different premium. Most auto insurance companies offer either six-month policies or 12-month policies, but some may let you choose your preference.

Why do we need deposit insurance?

The main objective of deposit insurance is to protect small depositors. Many of them do not have foreign currency or structured deposits. Foreign currency deposits and structured deposits also have an investment feature where the investor is required to assume higher risk for the higher return.

What is the problem with deposit insurance?

Abstract. Deposit insurance is widely offered in a number of countries as part of a financial system safety net to promote stability. An unintended consequence of deposit insurance is the reduction in the incentive of depositors to monitor banks, which leads to excessive risk-taking.

Is insurance premium paid in advance?

Some insurance premiums are actually due in advance of coverage being extended, and the non-payment of the premium will result in the cancellation of the policy. Insurance companies calculate the premium down to the day and apportion your premium due on that basis.

What is meant by insurance paid in advance?

The term prepaid insurance refers to payments that are made by individuals and businesses to their insurers in advance for insurance services or coverage. Premiums are normally paid a full year in advance, but in some cases, they may cover more than 12 months.

Is insurance paid in advance Debit or credit?

Generally, Prepaid Insurance is a current asset account that has a debit balance. The debit balance indicates the amount that remains prepaid as of the date of the balance sheet.

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