Can I go to any urgent care if I have Medi Cal?

Yes, many urgent care clinics do accept Medi-cal. At IEHP we have over 90 urgent care clinics in our network that offer Members care afterhours, on weekends and on holidays, when your primary care doctor might be closed.

How much is an urgent care visit in Florida?

The average cost of an urgent care visit is $100 – $150. Your cost may be higher or lower depending on your insurance coverage and whether you've met your deductible for the year, your copay, and your coinsurance amount.

Can you go to any doctor with Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal wants you and your family to be healthy and satisfied with your health care. Medi-Cal managed care medical plans have their own doctors, specialists, clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals. You can choose the doctor or clinic for all your health care needs.

Does Medi-Cal cover if you go to emergency in another state?

CCR, Title 22, Chapter 3, Article 1.3, Section 51006, allows reimbursement for medically necessary emergency services that need to be provided by an out-of-state provider to California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) recipients temporarily in another state. Note that some services require authorization.

Can I use Medi-Cal in another county in California?

Medi-Cal rules are set up to help you receive uninterrupted coverage and benefits when you move from one California county to another. Your case will follow you to your new county of residence; this process is known as an “inter-county transfer” or ICT.

Is urgent care free in Florida?

Yes, urgent care will typically treat you without insurance. However, this does not mean that urgent care is free, and you usually have to pay upfront. Most urgent care clinics will have a list of fees for typical treatments provided.

Why people go to ER instead of urgent care?

An Emergency Department treats life- or limb-threatening health conditions in people of all ages. It is the best option when you require immediate medical attention. Urgent Care is the middle ground between your primary care provider and the Emergency Department.

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