Do I have to add my teenager to my car insurance in California?

In California, your teen is automatically covered under your plan while they have a learner's permit. The minute they get their license, however, the law requires them to be officially included on an insurance plan.

Do I have to add my child to my car insurance Ontario?

You need not add your child to your car insurance policy in Canada until they have been licensed to drive and are driving on their own.

Do I need to add my child to my car insurance California?

No. You don't have to add your child to your car insurance policy. But it will be less expensive than the child getting their own policy.

Can I drive my parents car without insurance California?

You can't legally drive your parents' car without any insurance at all, either. Every state, except New Hampshire and Virginia, requires you to have auto insurance to legally drive a car.

Can I drive my son’s car on my insurance?

Most insurers cover someone else driving the policyholder's car with their permission once in a while. But, if you're going to start driving one of your parent's cars regularly, you'll need to be added or named on their auto insurance.

Can my son drive my car if he is not insured in Ontario?

Can you drive someone else's car without insurance in Ontario? As long as you're licensed to drive in Ontario, you can operate someone else's vehicle even if you don't have insurance of your own. You must receive their explicit permission to operate the vehicle, however. Simply knowing they wouldn't mind is not enough.

Do my parents have to add me to their car insurance?

Insurance companies generally require any household member of driving age be listed on a policy. Policyholders normally have the option, however, to "exclude" anyone they don't want added to their policy.

Do all drivers in a household have to be insured Ontario?

Ontario law requires that all motorists have auto insurance. Fines for vehicle owners, lessees, and drivers who do not carry valid auto insurance can range from $5,000 to $50,000.

Can I drive my parents car with their insurance in Ontario?

Yes. As a teenage or new driver – or an adult driver who doesn't own a vehicle – you can drive a parent's car as long as your parent's car is insured, you have their permission to drive it, and you won't be using it for anything illegal (like stunt driving).

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