How do you check if I have MediShield?

You can check the status of your MediShield Life claim via 'My Activities' after you log onto "my cpf Online Services" with your SingPass.

How do I know my personal insurance in Singapore?

You can log in to Healthcare dashboard 'Coverage and premium details' to check the coverage and premium information for yourself and the dependant(s) you are paying premiums for.

Do all Singaporeans have MediShield?

All Singapore Residents will remain covered under MediShield Life and no one will lose coverage due to an inability to pay.

How do I know if I have an integrated shield plan?

To check if you already have an Integrated Shield plan, you can log in to the Healthcare dashboard to view your coverage status under 'Health insurance' section.

How do I check my MediShield premium?

You can log in to your Healthcare dashboard to view your/your dependant's MediShield Life premiums under the "Health insurance" section.

Does everyone have MediShield?

MediShield Life is compulsory for all Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents. You must stay in a hospital for at least eight hours to make claims for the hospital bill, OR be admitted for day surgery.

Is MediSave same as MediShield?

MediShield is an affordable catastrophic medical insurance scheme which helps Medisave account holders and their dependents meet the cost of treatment for serious or prolonged illnesses at the Class B2 and C level.

Is anyone excluded from MediShield life?

Sex change operations, including their related complications. Maternity charges (including Caesarean operations) or abortions, including their related complications, except treatments for serious complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Treatment for injuries arising from the insured's criminal act.

Is Myshield compulsory?

MediShield Life provides universal healthcare coverage to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents regardless of their pre-existing medical conditions, for life. Coverage is mandatory for Singapore residents and cannot be cancelled or terminated.

Who is eligible for MediShield?

Premium Subsidies (up to 50%) for lower- to middle-income Singapore Residents with household monthly income per person of $2,800 and below and living in residences with an Annual Value of $21,000 and below. Individuals who own multiple properties will not be eligible.

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