How much is Verizon protect per month?

Verizon Mobile Protect (single device coverage): Tier 1 smartphones and watches – $17/month. Tier 2 smartphones and watches, tablets and basic phones – $14/month.

Verizon Asurion Insurance Nonsense…

What is Verizon’s insurance called?

Cell Phone Insurance | Verizon – Asurion Claims.

Did Verizon mobile protection go up in price?

It has been a little over a year since Verizon increased the Total Mobile Protection plan rate from $11 to $13/month. This time around, the company will increase the price to $15/month per line starting on June 27.

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How much is asurion monthly?

For $24.99 per month, you can protect your favorite devices with an Asurion Home+ plan. Asurion Home+ is $24.99+tax per month. Your plan will continue to renew each month unless canceled. You may cancel at any time for any reason at no additional charge.

What does a phone warranty cover?

In most cases, phone extended warranties cover malfunctions like electrical failures and mechanical failures from a manufacturing defect after the manufacturer's warranty expires. To put it simply, it covers situations where the phone does not fulfill its intended purpose.

Will Verizon replace my phone if it has water damage?

Consider peace of mind for those inevitable accidents with Verizon's Verizon Protect or Total Mobile Protection. Not only is your phone covered if it gets water damage, you may be eligible for a full replacement that same day.

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Is battery covered under Verizon warranty?

Yes – except that Verizon now has a "normal wear and tear" not covered policy. So anything that no longer works after the 1 year warranty, volume button for example, is no longer covered.

How do you tell if I have a warranty on my Verizon phone?

To verify your eligibility for a Verizon warranty repair or replacement, call (800) 922-0204.

What is phone insurance called?

Wireless carriers are in the business of selling phones, not insuring them. For that, they rely on a third party, typically a company called Asurion. So if you're looking to switch carriers because of a bad claims experience, know that you'll likely be dealing with the same insurer elsewhere.

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What does mobile Protect mean?

Mobile Protect is a service that can provide an affordable replacement for your eligible phone against accidents such as drops, spills, or malfunctions after the manufacturer's warranty expires. You only pay a deductible once your claim is approved.

Can I cancel Verizon Mobile protect?

You can cancel your device protection option at any time and receive a prorated refund of your monthly charge. You can remove Verizon Mobile Protect from your account at any time from the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon. Upon canceling, you'll receive a prorated refund of your monthly charge.

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