How much does it cost to see a doctor in USA without insurance?

The cost of a primary care visit without insurance generally ranges from $150-$300 for a basic visit and averages $171 across major cities in the United States. For any additional services such as childhood and adult immunizations, lab testing, or prescriptions, there will be additional charges.

How much is a simple visit to a doctor in the USA?

How Much is a Doctor's Visit in the United States? A visit to the doctor's office is relatively affordable. However, if you are ill, additional costs will become expensive quickly. An initial consultation with a doctor will cost around $100 – $200.

Can you get medical treatment in America without insurance?

While health insurance remains inaccessible for many people in the U.S., some medical care is often available for free or at a reduced rate. A person may find affordable care in a walk-in clinic or urgent care center.

How much does a doctor’s visit cost in California?

The price also varies if you are a new patient vs. a returning patient. As a new patient, the average cash price for an doctor visit in California is $158 at a hospital or surgery center and $208 at an office or urgent care center.

What is the cheapest way to go to the doctor?

Community health clinics are likely available in your area. These can be free or at a low cost to you. These clinics provide some of the most necessary care for people, such as preventive screenings and vaccinations, without the hefty price tag of a direct primary care provider or insurance requirements.

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