Should horses have insurance?

Horses require special medical care that can be expensive. If your horse becomes ill or is injured, you'll need a quality insurance policy. This form of insurance helps you save on veterinarian bills as well as medications. It's similar to human health insurance in that it covers part or all of health-related costs.

How much does it cost to insure your horse?

Equine insurance policies typically cost $150-$250 per year. These premiums are well worth the coverage you'll get for unexpected equine veterinary bills. According to Horse Rookie, an online guide for new horse owners, the average annual cost to own a horse can range anywhere from $8,000-$11,000.

Is it worth insuring my horse?

The truth is all responsible horse owners should have Third Party Liability insurance and a form of personal injury insurance to protect you from enormous liability should the unthinkable happen.

What insurance do I need to own a horse?

Equine liability: You should have worldwide liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by your owned or leased horses, to keep you protected no matter where you ride, show or transport your horse.

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