Can you just ask to get an MRI?

Yes, you will need a prescription or referral from a doctor to get an MRI. The referring physician can articulate why you need to get an MRI done to help direct the radiologists on what to scan for a proper diagnosis. You can get a prescription from a doctor at urgent care or your primary care provider.

Do you need a reason to get an MRI?

There are many reasons your doctor may order an MRI. Generally, an MRI can help your doctor identify what is causing your health issue so that he or she can diagnose you accurately and prescribe a treatment plan. Depending on your symptoms, an MRI will scan a specific portion of your body to diagnose: Tumors.

Can I ask my GP to refer me for an MRI?

To have a scan with us you will need a written referral from a healthcare professional. This can be your Consultant, GP, Physiotherapist or Osteopath. Once we have this we can arrange an appointment at your convenience.

Is it hard to get an MRI?

Most people get through the exam without difficulty. The MRI machine creates a strong magnetic field around you, and radio waves are directed at your body. The procedure is painless. You don't feel the magnetic field or radio waves, and there are no moving parts around you.

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